About Us 

Melody Care Homes is a licensed Adult Foster Care with three different locations where we provide care to our elderly friends. 


We are licensed by the State of Michigan, Incorporated, Insured and members of the following: 

Michigan Assisted Living Association

Adult Foster Care Providers

Genesee County Commission on Aging

Music & Memory 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the utmost quality care to the elderly that will far exceed their expectations as well as the expectations of their family members; to provide each individual with a loving and caring atmosphere and very comfortable accommodations; to provide each individual with quality care and comfort to insure their health and safety; to provide each individual with services that are designed to maintain and improve their physical, social and intellectual functioning and overall well-being. 

Melody Care Homes is family owned and operated with the owners living just walking distance from two of our three locations. Our first location was opened in 2004 and we since have opened two more homes. 

Each location is set up to provide quality care to six elderly in a family setting with appropriate accommodations

that gives the feeling of being home. We believe that providing quality care in a family atmosphere, where our

elderly friends  can feel like they are at home and not in a facility, is giving them dignity at this stage in their lives. 


Some of our elderly friends that we care for are just frail and it is no longer safe for them to stay at home alone, some have mild to severe memory impairment and many have a lot of the other common health issues that our elderly face today. Whatever their needs are, we do our best to adjust and accommodate them. Our goal is to prevent another transition for these elderly as their health conditions and care needs can and most often do change. We do offer end of life care so that our elderly friends can stay in the home they are familiar with and have the same caregivers that they have come to know and trust. 

Each home is staffed with trained caregivers that each work 8 hour shifts attending to the residents needs 24 hours a day.